IBM Travelstar 4LP DTNA-22110 2.1GB (1997)

The DTNA-22110 is a fairly unassuming drive from IBM, having been released in 1996. It’s a 2.1GB 2.5″ unit, for mass mobile computing during a period where things began to be somewhat more attainable for the general population. While basic, IBM’s 2.5″ drives from the period have their own stories to tell.

  Drive Attributes
  IBM Travelstar 4LP DTNA-22110
  Capacity      2.1GB
  Mfc Date      1997-04
  Format        2.5"
  Height        12.5mm
  Interface     PATA
  Platters      3
  Heads         6
  Cache         96KB
  RPM           4200
  Origin        Thailand

It’s a reasonably low profile drive for the period (as 4LP would suggest), being only 12.5mm in height with three platters. This form factor for the platter count was fairly widespread at the time, with Toshiba having managed it back with the MK1926FCV in 1995 as an example.

This drive was produced in Thailand, prior to that of IBM owning their own factory. This particular unit was manufactured in April 1997.

It’s an excellent label, featuring jumper settings & most practically useful information.

It’s of similar design to previous Travelstars, with a few changes here and there.

It’s the base of the board! Aside from some foam, it’s blank.

Logic is from Mitsubishi, TI and custom IBM IC’s. As is with many IBM’s of the era, the codename printed on the board of “AYABE-5” is of unknown relevance. Who knows if that’s the internal name for these units.

The rear of the board is nothing special, a few stickers & date codes here and there.

It’s a fairly basic 2.5″ drive for 1997. Even simple drives need their time in the spotlight, right?

If you missed the video I made on this drive, you can find it here:

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