Toshiba MK1401GRRB 147GB (2013)

The MK1401GRRB is a “high-performance” 2.5″ SAS model, continuing Toshiba’s presence in the enterprise drive segment. In the modern day, SAS drives of this nature are increasingly less common, yet this example from 2013 fortunately another good drive to look at in good health. Toshiba tout these as their first drive to feature a dual-stage ... Read More

IBM Travelstar 4LP DTNA-22110 2.1GB (1997)

The DTNA-22110 is a fairly unassuming drive from IBM, having been released in 1996. It’s a 2.1GB 2.5″ unit, for mass mobile computing during a period where things began to be somewhat more attainable for the general population. While basic, IBM’s 2.5″ drives from the period have their own stories to tell. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- ... Read More

Seagate ST9145AG 145MB (1994)

The ST9145AG is yet another fairly stunning 2.5″ drive from the early 90’s, where design & looks were a big thing compared to how it is with drives today. Compared to some of Seagate’s older drives, the ST9145AG features glass platters, making them simply another company to join the trend by 1993/1994. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- ... Read More

IBM Travelstar DVAA-2810 810MB (1995)

The DVAA-2810 is an 810MB 2.5″ hard disk drive, released in 1994. With IBM pushing themselves into the more widespread mobile computing market, the DVAA’s would be a design IBM used for a multitude of models to come between 1994 and 1995. With this unit working well far past its expiry date, many of IBM’s ... Read More

Toshiba MG04ACA100N 1TB (2020)

The MG04ACA100N is the lowest-capacity example of Toshiba’s enterprise-spec MG04 hard drive series. In the 2020’s, a 1TB enterprise drive may seem somewhat behind the times, but there are certain purposes for them nonetheless (perhaps those who are unrelenting in their adversity to SSD’s?). With a surprisingly funky seek-test, the MG04’s are another prime example ... Read More

Samsung Voyager 6 SV0844A 8.4GB (1999)

The SV0844A (Voyager 6) is another run-of-the-mill Samsung from the very late 90’s. This particular example is from April 1999, showing an ordinary drive in an era where capacity points exploded. These drives were fairly common in OEM systems, at least in much of the UK (and, possibly the majority of Western Europe). While many ... Read More

Hitachi Ultrastar C10K147 HUC101414CSS300 147GB (2008)

The HUC101414CSS300is the highest capacity member of the C10K147 series, being another high-RPM 2.5″ unit from the late 2000’s. Offering 147GB of capacity & 16MB of cache, it’s a repsectable drive for the period, when the SSD market hadn’t taken off like it has today, offering a competitive high-speed 2.5″ drive. It’s not too uncommon ... Read More