Hitachi Ultrastar C10K147 HUC101414CSS300 147GB (2008)

The HUC101414CSS300is the highest capacity member of the C10K147 series, being another high-RPM 2.5″ unit from the late 2000’s. Offering 147GB of capacity & 16MB of cache, it’s a repsectable drive for the period, when the SSD market hadn’t taken off like it has today, offering a competitive high-speed 2.5″ drive. It’s not too uncommon ... Read More

Hitachi DK31BJ-36LC 36GB (2000)

The Hitachi DK31BJ-36LC is, at least from initial looks, an absolute brick of an enterprise-unit from early-2000. Prior to their acquisition of IBM’s disk drive division in 2003, Hitachi focused on mobile & enterprise computing with their own division. The DK31BJ-36LC is one such example from the latter focus, being a high-end offering for the ... Read More

Hitachi Ultrastar 15K300 HUS153014VLS300 147GB (2009)

With mass availability in 2007, the Ultrastar 15K300 would be Hitachi’s latest & greatest high-speed enterprise hard disk series. Bridging the gap with these models being available in SAS, SCSI or fibre-channel configurations, it’s safe to say they had a very flexible end environment. As the name would suggest, these drives run at a blistering ... Read More

Hitachi DK522C-10 103MB (1990)

The Hitachi DK522C-10 was released in early-1987, limited to OEM distribution initially. Hitachi have been a long-standing player in the hard drive industry, but prior to their acquisition of IBM’s storage division in 2003, they mainly focused on SCSI/enterprise models and units focused on portable storage. While these drives were available with standard ESDI controller ... Read More

Hitachi DK212A-81 810MB (1995)

The Hitachi DK212A-81 is 19mm height, 2.5″ hard disk drive, released in Q1 1995. Hitachi continued their emphasis on portable computing storage, where they were major producers of both mobile & enterprise hard drive models. The DK212A-81 is another such example of their prowess, however it isn’t all surprising that almost 30 years later that ... Read More

Hitachi DK329H-91WC 9.1GB (1999)

The Hitachi DK329H-91WC is a 9.1GB SCSI hard drive, released in early 1999. Hitachi’s days only a couple years before their acquisition of IBM’s hard drive division are a fascinating point of history to look back upon. Unfortunately, the unit in this post hasn’t lived to continue its story over two decades later. Drive Attributes ... Read More

Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721050CLA662 500GB (2012)

The Deskstar 7K1000.C continued to deliver with the humble HDS721050CLA662, a 500GB drive where simplicity sums it up best. Over 10 years later, it still holds on strong, with this particular example being exceptionally fresh in terms of usage time. Drive Attributes ----------------------------------------- Hitachi Deskstar 7K1000.C HDS721050CLA662 ----------------------------------------- Capacity 500GB Mfc Date 2012-09 Format 3.5" ... Read More

Hitachi DK228A-65 6.48GB (1998)

Hitachi had, since the mid-90’s, always been a fairly large player in the 2.5″ hard drive market, this drive demonstrating one of their often forgotten pre-IBM architectures. The DK228A-65 was released in May of 1998, featuring a first for Hitachi: a drive utilising GMR heads. Providing a recording capacity per-platter of roughly 30% more than ... Read More

HGST Deskstar NAS HDN724040ALE640 4TB (2016)

When it comes to modern hard drives, these are true warriors of reliability. The Deskstar NAS series was released in early 2014, coming in capacities up to 6TB (from 2017, 10TB). These were not cheap drives at the time by any means, at least in Europe, being 30-40% more expensive than their competitors. Nonetheless, with ... Read More

Hitachi DK505-2 26MB (1989)

Here’s a real old-timer. The Hitachi DK505-2 is a drive with a very obscure past, the likes of which yield little information in this day and age. This particular model demonstrates itself as one of Hitachi’s much earlier offerings, before their concrete reputation and market share emerged in the early 2000’s. While this drive is ... Read More