IBM Travelstar 4LP DTNA-22110 2.1GB (1997)

The DTNA-22110 is a fairly unassuming drive from IBM, having been released in 1996. It’s a 2.1GB 2.5″ unit, for mass mobile computing during a period where things began to be somewhat more attainable for the general population. While basic, IBM’s 2.5″ drives from the period have their own stories to tell. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- ... Read More

IBM Travelstar DVAA-2810 810MB (1995)

The DVAA-2810 is an 810MB 2.5″ hard disk drive, released in 1994. With IBM pushing themselves into the more widespread mobile computing market, the DVAA’s would be a design IBM used for a multitude of models to come between 1994 and 1995. With this unit working well far past its expiry date, many of IBM’s ... Read More

IBM Travelstar 32GH DJSA-232 32GB (2000)

The DJSA-232 is one of IBM’s most marvellous creations: a four-platter 2.5″ drive, with a height of only 12.5mm. Truly incredible stuff, particularly given the time in which this drive was produced. In 2023, this drive is still an incredible innovation for the hard drive industry, stuffing as many platters as possible in such a ... Read More

IBM Travelstar DHAA-2405 344MB (1994)

The DHAA-2405 is from IBM’s earlier days of the Travelstar name, a long-running series which surely most people reading this are familiar with. IBM had always been an impressive pioneer in the 2.5″ space, with development from IBM Japan adding to this feat. While the DHAA-2405 is not the highest end offering at the time ... Read More

IBM Deskstar 120GXP IC35L040AVVN07-0 40GB (2002)

The 120GXP’s came fairly close after the dreaded 75GXP line, although not before being preceeded by the 60GXP line. While many have better experiences with the 120GXP’s (myself included), this one hasn’t kept its side of the bargain. One of the more uncommon experiences where the drive failed catastrophically while in use, audibly crashing in ... Read More

IBM Travelstar 25GS DARA-225000 25.38GB (2000)

In late-1999, IBM released what can only be considered to be one of the most ridiculous 2.5″ hard drives in the world: the DARA-225000. These were IBM’s flagship 2.5″ drive model, coming in at 17mm with a whopping 5 platters and 10 heads. Due to their thickness at a time where 12mm and 9.5mm drives ... Read More

IBM Deskstar DJAA-31700 1700MB (1996)

A very early Deskstar model, the DJAA-31700 was the largest capacity in this particular series. This series was available in both 1700MB (DJAA-31700) and 1270MB (DJAA-31270) capacities, being a rock solid choice in 1996. This particular drive came from an old Macintosh, clearly labelled with Apple’s “special” firmware addition. Fortunately, it’s still perfectly usable in ... Read More

IBM Deskstar 75GXP DTLA-307075 76.8GB (2001)

What may be considered one of the rarest drives I own, a fully working 75GXP in 2022. The infamous Deathstar. This one is the unholy cocktail of potential failure and unreliability. For starters, it’s a 75GXP. I could end it there, but this is also a Hungarian model, which anecdotally seem a touch more unreliable ... Read More