Conner Peripherals CP3360 360MB (1992)

The CP3360 is a beast from another time. Conner Peripherals were a well-known manufacturer for low-cost & simplistic drives, found in a myriad of OEM machines throughout the 90’s. However, the company didn’t always have a sole focus on the lower-end market, with drives like this being a stunning reminder of their capabilities. With a ... Read More

Conner Peripherals CFS850A 850MB (1995)

The CFS850A is one of Conner’s past visions of their affordable drive series, coming in at a whopping 850MB in 1995. Like Conner’s of the past, the same “tub” design remains, with some differences (notably: no anodisation). A striking red label stands out, alongside a noisy seeking mechanism on top. If you want loud, these ... Read More

Conner Peripherals CFA340A 340MB (1994)

Conner Peripherals had a consistent drive design, which would later become infamous in computing history. This drive is one such example, the lowly CFA340A. In Conner’s conquest of cost-cutting drive production and flooding the market with affordable drives, many models share this identical design, with only density and platter count differences. While these drives were ... Read More

Conner Peripherals CP30104H 121MB (1992)

In 1992, Conner Peripherals were a big name in the industry. Arguably, Conner drives are some of the most ubiquitous models to find from machines dating back to this era, with their dominating position in the market. Many brands tried and failed to compete with Conner, a company which no longer exists today. This particular ... Read More