Western Digital Expert WD100BA-60AK 10.2GB (1999)

What is in essence a Western Digital produced DPTA-371020 from the Deskstar 34GXP series, a familiar sight makes itself known, but with a more unusual story. This drive hails from the era where Western Digital really were on their knees, experiencing sharp losses. Like NEC had done only a couple years prior, Western Digital turned ... Read More

Western Digital Caviar 1170 WDAC1170-00F 170MB (1993)

By the mid-90’s, Western Digital had gained a few years of experience building hard disk drives, after their acquisition of Tandon in late-1987. The Caviar 1170 was an example of these sleek new designs, among a number of other larger Caviar models. With a 3 year warranty, alongside incredibly respectable benchmark results, the Caviar series ... Read More

Western Digital Caviar Lite 170 WDAL2170-00 170MB (1994)

The Caviar Lite’s certainly weren’t Western Digital’s first 2.5″ drives, but they are among some of the earliest. Western Digital were facing stiff competition during the early-mid 90’s when concerning 2.5″ drives, leading to almost no further 2.5″ industry developments until the early 2000’s, with the company focusing on enterprise-grade models instead. Toshiba, Conner Peripherals, ... Read More

Western Digital Caviar 31200 WDAC31200-08F 1281MB (1995)

The largest capacity drive of the classic black-cased Caviar’s, coming in at just over 1.2GB in size. These have a slightly different seek-test compared to the usual earlier Caviar’s, which makes them a little more interesting. Aside from that, they’re much the same. Even when these are covered in bad sectors, they still work quite ... Read More