Seagate ST9145AG 145MB (1994)

The ST9145AG is yet another fairly stunning 2.5″ drive from the early 90’s, where design & looks were a big thing compared to how it is with drives today. Compared to some of Seagate’s older drives, the ST9145AG features glass platters, making them simply another company to join the trend by 1993/1994. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- ... Read More

Seagate Barracuda 9LP ST39173W 9.1GB (2000)

The Barracuda 9LP family topped out with this stunner of a model: the ST39172W. Aside from the fairly forgettable model number, this drive is a strikingly impressive unit. Featuring five-platters, running at 7,200 RPM and making enough noise to make your ears bleed, describing this thing as anything but beastly may be a travesty. While ... Read More

Seagate Barracuda ES.2 ST31000640SS 1TB (2008)

The ST31000640SS is the largest member of the Barracuda ES.2 series. With release in 2007, the ES.2’s would be Seagate’s final enterprise-grade units to hold the Barracuda series name, with the successors to these being the Constellation ES.3’s. At this point, Seagate were having a few problems with the 7200.11’s, which is a fairly infamous ... Read More

Seagate Medalist 6423 ST36423A 6.4GB (1999)

A design from Seagate commonly seen on the Barracuda ATA I, ATA II and ATA III, alongside many other Medalist models from the late 90’s. This one was manufactured in late 1999. While nothing special, a drive still being functional after 20 years is never something to take for granted. Certainly a more budget-friendly offering, ... Read More

Seagate ST3211A 210MB (1998)

Seagate finalised their acquisition of Conner Peripherals in 1996, bringing together two heavyweights in the hard drive industry. As a result, the Seagate ST3211A is, in all but one aspect, purely a Conner Peripherals CFS210A. The CFS210A has a long-history, being a very important low-cost drive in the mid-1990’s. Conner’s classic tub design would (and ... Read More

Seagate ST9144A 128MB (1992)

Released in 1992, the ST9144 family of drives from Seagate were their latest offerings in the 2.5″ hard drive space, competing with the likes of Toshiba & Conner Peripherals. The ST9144A, unsurprisingly, was the highest-end offering of the pack, reaching 128MB in capacity. Seagate certainly knew how to make a sleek looking 2.5″ drive. Drive ... Read More

Seagate Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD v3 ST1000NX0313 1TB (2016)

An enterprise-grade 2.5″ drive in the modern day is something special, with this one avoiding Seagate’s ongoing story with the Rosewood’s. While “Enterprise Capacity 2.5 HDD v3” is certainly an unwieldly title, this isn’t something Seagate decided to stick with. This particular model is still available for purchase today, under Exos 7E2000 series branding, retaining ... Read More

Seagate Video 2.5 HDD ST500VT000 500GB (2015)

An evolution of the Momentus Thin line, the ST500VT000 is a single platter, 500GB, 7mm, 2.5″ model from Seagate’s “Video 2.5 HDD” line-up. These were presumably some of the last drives made to be used in Xbox 360’s, seeing as this one comes from a late-model E variant. Usually, 360’s hold standalone Momentus drives (or ... Read More

Seagate Barracuda ATA V ST3120023A 120GB (2002)

While I’m usually quite mean to Seagate, I’ll give them credit for this one. The documentation they provide is always pretty nice. I quite like these drives, which makes the post about this drive even more unfortunate. A classic Seagate design, which would continue to be developed upon with the 7200.7 and 7200.8 series. Drive ... Read More

Seagate ST3283A 245MB (1993)

The Seagate ST3283A. A design demonstrating striking sophistication, while clearly reeking of high quality, something I wish modern Seagate drives kept up with. These drives use a solenoid to unlock the head stack, which is why you hear a loud thunk when the drive spins up. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- Seagate ST3283A ------------------------------------- Capacity 245MB Mfc ... Read More