Maxtor Atlas 10K V 8J300S0 300GB (2006)

The famous Atlas line originates from the hands of Quantum, having been acquired in 2001 by Maxtor. Surprisingly, Maxtor decided to finally enter the enterprise market after this acquisition, the Atlas 10K V’s being one of the last enterprise series in development before Seagate put the nail in the coffin after acquiring the company in ... Read More

Maxtor XT-8380S 360MB (1989)

The Maxtor XT-8380S is a behemoth of a drive, with this example hailing from late-1989. Maxtor released the XT-8000 series in either ESDI or SCSI formats, with the XT-8760 being the highest capacity member of the family. After battling with it for way too long, this example is still going over 30 years later. Drive ... Read More

Maxtor DiamondMax 11 6H400R0 400GB (2006)

The DiamondMax 11 series was announced in Q3 of 2005, available in both 400GB & 500GB capacities. A continued development of Maxtor’s long-existing designs, yet with a difference in label layout. While these were quite fast drives for the release year, this particular example doesn’t quite meet such expectations. A failed unit is always a ... Read More

Maxtor DiamondMax 10 6V250F0 250GB (2006)

One of the last native Maxtor drive series to continue until their dissolution, fading away after being swept into Seagate. Unlike the DiamondMax Plus 9’s, the DiamondMax 10’s seemed to suffer much less from the poor reputation and reliability record Maxtor had at the time. Perhaps being a form of survivorship bias, the DiamondMax 10’s ... Read More