Toshiba MK1401GRRB 147GB (2013)

The MK1401GRRB is a “high-performance” 2.5″ SAS model, continuing Toshiba’s presence in the enterprise drive segment. In the modern day, SAS drives of this nature are increasingly less common, yet this example from 2013 fortunately another good drive to look at in good health. Toshiba tout these as their first drive to feature a dual-stage ... Read More

Toshiba MG04ACA100N 1TB (2020)

The MG04ACA100N is the lowest-capacity example of Toshiba’s enterprise-spec MG04 hard drive series. In the 2020’s, a 1TB enterprise drive may seem somewhat behind the times, but there are certain purposes for them nonetheless (perhaps those who are unrelenting in their adversity to SSD’s?). With a surprisingly funky seek-test, the MG04’s are another prime example ... Read More

Toshiba MK2326FC 340MB (1993)

The MK2326FC would release in early 1993, being Toshiba’s first three-platter 2.5″ drive. This drive was firmly Toshiba’s highest-end offering for the period, certainly carrying a high price tag to boot. As a result, this drive was out of reach for many, but 30 years later this isn’t as much the case anymore. With Toshiba’s ... Read More

Toshiba MK1422FCV 86MB (1993)

The Toshiba MK1422FCV would release in 1992, being Toshiba’s first ever 12.5mm 2.5″ hard disk drive, holding only a single platter. As a result of this innovation, this model would have continued iterative density refreshes, such as with the later released MK1522FCV & MK1722FCV. This was the same case with models such as the 19mm ... Read More

Toshiba P300 HDWD130 3TB (2015)

After Western Digital were forced to sell part of Hitachi’s assets to Toshiba in their acquisition of HGST, some interesting 3.5″ drives would soon appear. This is clearly a Hitachi drive under the surface in most respects, but with a splash of colour for once. As is with Hitachi drives of this era, these are ... Read More

Toshiba X300 Performance HDWR460 6TB (2021)

The X300 range is firmly based on Toshiba’s native drive designs, carried on from the days of their acquisition of Fujitsu’s disk drive division. Coming in a range up to 18TB as of the time of this post, the HDWR460 is one of the lower end options, just above the lowest capacity 4TB HDWR440. How ... Read More

Toshiba MK2024FC 86MB (1992)

Toshiba were the first manufacturer in the world to mass-produce drives using glass platter technology, beginning with the MK1122FC. The Toshiba MK2024FC followed this trend, being a next-iteration product using this technology, releasing in 1991. While many think of the 75GXP when it comes to glass-substrates on drive platters, Toshiba beat everyone else to the ... Read More

Toshiba MK1002TSKB 1TB (2012)

Shortly after Toshiba’s acquisition of Fujitsu, their presence in the 3.5″ hard drive market would begin to blossom. The MK1002TSKB is an enterprise-class drive from Toshiba, released and announced in the first quarter of 2011. This model would hang around for only a little while, being phased out in early 2013. Compared to current Toshiba ... Read More

Toshiba MK2720FC 1358MB (1996)

In April 1995, Toshiba released the largest (in capacity) 2.5″ drive in the world: the MK2720FC. Housing 5 platters, 10 heads and reigning in at a whopping 19mm in height, these drives are quite the beastly 2.5″ models. As a result of this rather large head-stack mass for a 2.5″ form factor, these are reasonably ... Read More

Toshiba MK232FC 43MB (1989)

Toshiba’s first IDE interface hard drive line began with these, the MK-232F/MK-233F/MK-234F series. As per my previous post on the Toshiba MK-234FC models, these seem to have a fairly consistent issue with surface adhesion (if looking at the 2 of 3 drives I have from this series). Fortunately, this MK-232FC works perfectly, so it can ... Read More