Fujitsu MCM3130AP 1.3GB Magneto-optical (MO) Disc Drive (2002)

The Fujitsu MCM3130AP is an internal 3.5″ magneto-optical disc drive, produced from 2002-2003. As Fujitsu’s own documentation aptly states, these “take Fujitsu’s magneto-optical (MO) technology to new levels with its 640MB and 1.3GB drives”. While in both the USA & Europe magneto-optical media never really took off as well as it did elsewhere, this unit ... Read More

Windows 95 Wallpapers – Sharp Mebius OEM Backgrounds (1996)

Rummaging through old hard drives from the 90’s and early 2000’s sometimes offers interesting results. A previous post covering a Fujitsu M2724TAM 1.6GB hard drive from 1997 revealed a Sharp OEM installation of Windows 95. The machine was a Sharp Mebius laptop of some sort, a domestically available unit within Japan, with the installation notably ... Read More