Fujitsu M2614ESA 182MB (1991)

The M2614ESA is a high-capacity drive released by Fujitsu in 1990. It’s a safe assumption that these drives, when new, were quite expensive. Given their SCSI interface, 182MB size and overall form-factor, these were a higher-end option when compared to many other models on the market. Sadly, not everything can last over 30 years, just ... Read More

Fujitsu Desktop 27 XV MPE3273AT 27.3GB (2000)

With release in Q3 1999, the MPE3273AT serves as Fujitsu’s highest-end consumer drive in the MPE3x series, coming in at 27.3GB with a whopping four-platters. While not the champion of the era, their design simplicity is something to be admired. With Fujitsu struggling at the time, the MPE3x’s hold-up considerably better than their later offerings ... Read More

Fujitsu MBA3300RC 300GB (2009)

Announced in 2007, the MBA3300RC is Fujitsu’s largest & final 3.5″ enterprise SAS drive, with this example hailing from week 50 of 2009. With performance at mind, alongside high expectations of longevity, these drives are Fujitsu’s peak point when concerning their hard drive efforts. Being so late into Fujitsu’s history in the industry, these drives ... Read More

Fujitsu MAY2073RC 73.5GB (2007)

Released in late-2005, Fujitsu continued their ongoing presence in the 2.5″ enterprise market with the MAY2073RC and lower capacity MAY2036RC. While Fujitsu’s offerings for the enterprise space are scarcely covered, they do show some interesting things of note in an era where the company no longer produced standard 3.5″ consumer models. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- Fujitsu ... Read More

Fujitsu M2903SGM 2.1GB (1997)

The Fujitsu M2903SGM was one of Fujitsu’s many SCSI offerings available in 1997, offering what the company refered to as a “high capacity specialty” drive. Over 25 years later, this monstrosity of a brick continues to function well, with this particular example being NOS. Few enterprise models survive so many years later, but looking into ... Read More

Fujitsu MPB3021AT 2160MB (1999)

With the release of the MPA3x’s in early-1997, the MPB3x series would increase platter densities from 1.75GB (ex. MPA3017AT), to the 2.16GB densities shown on this unit, being available from Q3 1997. Their design efforts in the 90’s were simple, when putting it lightly. With a no-frills mentality, Fujitsu would keep the cast top mount ... Read More

Fujitsu XV10 MPF3102AT 10.24GB (2000)

By the early-2000’s, Fujitsu had quite the ongoing presence in the 3.5″ drive market. Unfortunately, it would soon come to an end in 2001, but this drive demonstrates some of Fujitsu’s last drives in the space when concerning contact start-stop consumer models. The XV10 is one of many series Fujitsu had with this particular HDA ... Read More

Fujitsu G1 AV MEA3320BT 320GB (2008)

This post was updated on 2023-03-08, per further analysis. Released in mid-late 2008, the MEA3320BT was Fujitsu’s re-entry into the AV space, after famously exiting from the general 3.5″ consumer market in the very early 2000’s. While these drives weren’t available for retail purchase, they were relatively widespread in AV equipment (especially from Panasonic), however ... Read More

Fujitsu M2724TAM 1632MB (1997)

Released in Q1 1997, the M2724TAM was the largest drive Fujitsu made using this HDA-design, being the second iteration after the M2714TAM. Several other drives share this general design, capping out with 2 platters and 4 heads with this model. A rather nice looking design, when fully black-cased 2.5″ drives became much less commonplace. These ... Read More