NEC D3711 170MB (1994)

The NEC D3711 is one of NEC’s many offerings from the early-mid 1990’s, with this model being on the lower-end side. While many of these have been covered on this site before, this is a perfect specimen for showing the insides & expectations of a particularly rare model. How did NEC do in the early-mid ... Read More

NEC D3724 426MB (1996)

The NEC D3724 was formally announced on May 10th, 1995. These drives were somewhat of a stopgap solution for NEC, in order to remain competitive in the rapidly changing drive market at the time. These drives remained in production until early-mid 1997, slowly being replaced with the DSE series as platter densities exploded. Intriguingly, NEC ... Read More

NEC D3756 105MB (1993)

As previously discussed on my post covering several dead D-series NEC drives, NEC had quite the history in the hard drive industry. NEC’s 3.5″ designs would enter in the early 90’s, like competitors at the time, the D3756 being a drive from the early days of their original designs. After many years of experience developing ... Read More

NEC DTLA-305030 30.7GB (2000)

The Deskstar 75GXP family should be no unfamiliar name to those reading this post, the 40GV family being the 5,400 RPM counterpart IBM released at the same time. These would be IBM’s last effort in the 5,400 RPM market, which would not return as a feature in Hitachi’s drive line-up until a few years later. ... Read More

NEC D3713, D3746 & D3766 120MB-345MB (1994-1995)

The NEC D-Series of hard drives spanned from the late 80’s with their MFM/RLL-capable lineup of drives such as the D3122, to end with the HDA design of the D3724, being wildly altered compared to the models being demonstrated in this post. I’ve had quite a lot of experience with NEC drives from this period, ... Read More

NEC DSE1700A 1700MB (1996)

Released in mid-1996, NEC’s DSE series of hard drives were their second-last original in-house HDA design. By mid-1997, NEC had signed a deal with IBM to produce drives designed by IBM under both NEC and IBM branding. Meaning, this late-stage series of original NEC-designed drives only lasted for just over a single year in production. ... Read More