Samsung Voyager 6 SV0844A 8.4GB (1999)

The SV0844A (Voyager 6) is another run-of-the-mill Samsung from the very late 90’s. This particular example is from April 1999, showing an ordinary drive in an era where capacity points exploded. These drives were fairly common in OEM systems, at least in much of the UK (and, possibly the majority of Western Europe). While many ... Read More

Samsung SpinPoint F3 EcoGreen HD203WI 2TB (2010)

The SpinPoint EcoGreen F3’s were Samsung’s first & final effort at mass-release of a 3.5″ hard disk drive series featuring a parking ramp. As Samsung’s drives are famously known for utilising contact start-stop throughout their modern history, the F3 EcoGreen’s are a different look at Samsung’s same-old design. Fortunately, (or perhaps for my own wallet, ... Read More

Samsung SpinPoint F1 HD103UJ 1TB (2009)

With mass availability in Q4 2007, the SpinPoint F1 series would be Samsung’s all-new line-up of drives, coming in a range of capacities up to 1TB with this particular model. In late-2007, these models were the performance champions of the market [1], holding a sturdy reputation well into the early 2010’s. As a result of ... Read More

Samsung WN310820A 1.08GB (1997)

The Samsung Winner series would provide a much-needed revitalisation of Samsung’s hard drive division, past a time where issues never seemed to end. Fortunately, releasing in 1996, the Winner-2 project delivers on a much more optimistic reality. Certainly, these would prove to be much more reliable drives than their ancestors. Drive Attributes ------------------------------------- Samsung WN310820A ... Read More

Samsung Apollo SHD-30280A & SHD-30560A 280MB/560MB (1995)

By 1995, Samsung already had a few years under their belt when dealing with standard 3.5″ PATA desktop drives. Nonetheless, Samsung were not known for their reliability in this period, much unlike their late-90’s era of designs. Performance wasn’t even something to consider with these, having a high rate of failure at the time of ... Read More

Samsung SpinPoint PL40 SP0411N 40GB (2003)

Released in mid-late 2003, the SpinPoint PL40 was one of the defining members of the slimline lineup Samsung had at the time. In what seemed like a mini-trend in the industry, several manufacturers flocked to building super slim 3.5″ desktop drives, for one reason or another. Notably, Maxtor and Seagate would be two members demonstrating ... Read More